Personalize & Autograph Digital Content As more of our key entertainment resources shift to the digital environment the opportunity for authors, musicians, sports stars and celebrities to autograph and/or personalize their product is diminishing. Autography?s patent-pending technology not only allows the ?talent? to personalize their content via an authenticated handwritten message and signature, it also creates an ongoing marketing opportunity that will create extreme value for the originator. Traditional signing events are a single transaction between the ?talent? and the fan. Autography creates ongoing marketing potential, capturing email address of each recipient Future data mining potential for Managers, Publishers & Agents. ?Talent? can now maintain a unique bond with their fans, maintaining a relationship that can be monetized. New opportunities to create marketing relationships Online signing events??.. launch new stars and celebrities Digital signing anywhere?? Starbucks - The Smithsonian
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Total raised: $250K

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