Automated assessment for computer science AutoGradr is an automated assessment platform for Computer Science education. We automate the grading of programming assignments for any coding language. AutoGradr supports all standard programming languages, web frameworks, and other popular coding environments. Instructors can set up questions on AutoGradr without writing any code, migrate existing syllabi, and set up automated grading for their course. Students enroll in the course and have access to a cloud-based IDE to write their code, make attempts, and get instant feedback on their submissions. Our mission is to expand access to CS education by reducing the bottleneck of grading that limits class sizes in CS courses and empowering instructors to teach CS at an early stage without having to know how to code themselves. We want to better equip students with a real-world coding environment that makes them ready for the job market and gives them the confidence to succeed in their first coding experience.
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