Automotive Repairs Syndicate Unveiling more than a few innovative services which were never introduced before this minute. We maintain, repair and guard your car on periodic basis for on time fixes and preventive repairs. The company connects with quality workshops, vendors and mechanics in different town in order to ensure finest workmanship on your car. Operates virtually and has acquired Consultancy expertise with formation of a skilled crew. Starting from one, we have up-to twenty diverse services (Mechanics on Wheels is worth mentioning) and all that for a single membership. It is as good as; you sign up for the membership; you get your car maintained ? heal n healthy- and there?s nothing to worry about. Fuel Spike is an exception though! All this for a few hundreds. Auto Genie takes good care of your car. Act Smart. Because most drivers just accept whatever price the mechanic gives them. Signup and You won?t get Ripped Off by Garages. We promise.
Member count: 1-10