New Car Buying made easy Autogenie makes it easy for customers to buy a new car from the comfort of their home Autogenie solves all your car buying problems. 1.Lack of transparency with new car pricing: We get customers a great deal because we buy thousands of cars from our carefully selected dealer network (over 650 dealers, nationwide), and they always give us a great deal because of our fleet buying power. The average Autogenie buyer saves $3,200 against our fee of $49. 2. Save time: We do this in 24 hours, so customers can go from enquiry to booked inside 24 hours as we get them at least three great prices in 24 hours and have the car delivered to their doorstep. 3. Protection from sales tactics and pressure: Customers often end up with a car that's not what they wanted, because the car salesmen is selling what he's got or end up getting spammed or called millions of times, we protect our customers anonymity Autogenie saves you time, Autogenie saves you money - it?s the easiest way to buy a new car.
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