Auto Chilango

Auto Chilango
Solving the problems of drivers in Mexico city We built an app for iOS devices that helps people to manage everything that is necesary with having a car in Mexico City. We adopt the "in app purchase" business model and gave the user three useful tools for free. We'll alert you the dates you can't drive your vehicles Alert and guide you when you have to take your vehicle to a review of gas emissions, You can review your debts and your traffic violations In addition to these tools the user will find another three but there is a condition, it must spend one dollar to use the full version. We try to avoid corruption by giving the user a tool to verify that what the traffic officer say is just what is stipulated in the laws and regulations of driving The user can check if the car has been reported as stolen Insurance Tool is for the user to put the basic facts of his contract and gives the information to know exactly where geolocation is that the accident happened Our conversion rate is 12% and we have more than 100 000 users
Location: Mexico
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