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Ecological dry cleaning of truck fleets We are the only truck fleet dry cleaning company in Brazil. Keeping vehicles clean is key because they carry the brand image with them. The conventional washing spends a thousand liters of water per truck, while the AutoCar Delivery solution only 10 liters, a 90% reduction. Today we are already responsible for cleaning the fleet of the Ambev distribution center in Mooca S?o Paulo, saving enough to supply 150 families with 4 people each. In Brazil, Ambev has 100 Distribution Centers like this one, and therefore, the number can reach 15 thousand families if applied widely in the whole country. In addition to saving water, we use biodegradable products that do not harm the environment, as well as responsible disposal of the containers, to be recycled, ensuring that there is no waste in the washing process. AutoCar Delivery your fleet cleans and our world too!
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