Make Your Email A Powerful Texting Platform AutoBlast SMS is a Desktop/Laptop texting application that works through your preferred email-for free sending/receiving of texts. It is a cost effective SMS multitool for sales professionals, and service/repair businesses seeking to contact their clients by texting, and synchronizing warm client leads from their website, as it is a "pay once" model. AutoBlast SMS contains a database for keeping contacts, groups,carriers that your contacts can be associated with. It also generates HTML/PHP code that is a subscriber sign up form which can be placed on your website. Moreover, it automatically fetches website subscribers from that generated form. AutoBlast SMS also includes a "personalization" feature which appends the first name of each contact in a group send. It will have many more features in upcoming versions, catering to the needs of SMS marketing professionals, such as keywords, and extra features in the form of SAAS. I am selling the whole startup (100% Equity) for $350,000
Member count: 1-10