AutoAlert partners with dealerships and OEMs to empower them with data capabilities for gaining valuable customer insights, creating innovative strategies around new opportunities, and exceeding customer expectations. Bringing multiple data sources into AutoAlert’s real-time, dynamic platform gives dealerships the ability to accurately predict – and even drive – customer behavior. Key-to-key alerts fire immediately when a customer moves into any of nine opportunity statuses, providing the dealership team with proven actions for customer engagement. The AutoAlert platform is designed for easy use by every dealership department, uniting teams around data to increase sales and service opportunities and provide a seamless customer experience. Founded in 2002, AutoAlert leads the industry in innovative data-mining software solutions that help build customer relationships and strengthen loyalty. AutoAlert partners with more than 2,700 dealerships to dynamically turn data into actions that get results. Additionally, our OEM program makes it possible for dealerships and manufacturers to eliminate data barriers between dealership systems to increase loyalty and improve the customer experience.
Location: United States, Missouri, Kansas City
Member count: 201-500
Founded date: 2002

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