Smart and simple Authentication (Authlogics) Our product brings an end to passwords and security keyrings. Authlogics is a true Multi Factor Authentication solution which allows people to log into any system without the hassle, cost and complexity of traditional authentication products. It works seamlessly with existing applications and can replace, or co-exist with, existing authentication systems to make adoption easy. The current Two Factor Authentication market estimated at over USD $2 billon (Gartner). Only 5% to 25% of organisations use some form of 2FA or biometrics which leaves many untapped customers. Adoption of secure authentication is relatively low as it is perceived to be too cumbersome, yet the need for security is higher than ever. Our patented PINgrid technology opens new market possibilities as we can solve real world issues in ways that no other vendor does (Two-Way ID, AuthentiDoc, Device-less Multi Factor Authentication etc). Our solution is already being used in the healthcare, finance and legal verticals.
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