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AI Blogging Bot Platform Train and Build your own Blogging Bot[s] to become your blog writing team. Train one bot to write blog articles for you as if it was you writing. Your AutherBot learns from you, matches your personality, learns your writing style, learns about your blogs subject matter and becomes your blogging robot. If you want more than one AutherBot you can Clone your first one and then train the second one seperately. For example to write in the style of another copywriter in your team. Improve productivity and output of number of articles you can post in a day. No need to rely on the limits of human writers. AutherBot will use deep learning platforms, text analytics, natural language processing, robotic process automation and virtual agents to learn. Phase two will incorporate biometrics, imagine frowning at AutherBot because you didn't like an article it wrote and speech recognition, no need to "type chat" to improve AI, just talk to AutherBot as if you would a real person.
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