Due Diligence Marketplace AuthentiFact provides a marketplace for investors, entrepreneurs, placement agents, and crowdfunding portals to engage experts to conduct due diligence on securities offerings in the most economical manner. When equity crowdfunding is permitted in 2016, the risks of offering securities to the public, as opposed to accredited investors, will expand exponentially. Proper due diligence, not just a few financial projections, will be mandatory. This marketplace matches subject matter experts in finance, operations, technology, legal, etc. to review the individual components and produce a consolidated review at the lowest possible pricepoint. Investors can initiate a project. Broker/dealers can outsource their due diligence obligatiions. Crowdfunding portals can accelerate their time approving transactions for their platforms. Entrepreneurs (i.e., issuers) can utilize reports to proactively identify issues for resolution, or to stand out on crowdfunding portals.