We create learning experience where responsible tourism finances social entrepreneurs AuthentiCitys is a social enterprise in Barcelona that helps close the gap between businesses that are adding value to the city and tourists that want to travel more responsibly and authentically. AuthentiCitys is built around the current unmet needs of the conscious tourist and social entrepreneur (leaders of businesses with social, ethical or environmental goals). For tourists, AuthentiCitys addresses the problems of, 1) a growing need for local and authentic experiences, and 2) the need to travel responsibly by having a positive impact on the local environment or society. For social entrepreneurs AuthentCitys provides them access to financing as well as publicity, which is currently difficult to find for these businesses. Authenticitys, creates all these experiences by providing a learning y doing methodology to groups of youth (both unemployed and studying) through start up processes so that each experience can be an entrepreneurship learning venture on its own.
Member count: 1-10