Authentic4D exposes exaggerated injuries. It is estimated more than $10 billion of carrier payments are made annually attributed to exaggerated injuries. 70% of humans are visual learners but most don’t know how to read a black and white medical image. Authentic4D converts claimant MRI and CT scans into an easy-to-understand 3D video conveying the difference between an acute injury and one that is degenerative or attributed to aging. Authentic4D is quick, affordable and will help you close cases efficiently. Pictures don’t lie. Let the images tell the true story of the claim. Authentic4D has completed cases in all 50 states with 100% admissibility. Seeing is believing.
Location: United States, Michigan, Bingham Farms
Phone: +1 248-671-3878
Total raised: $5M
Founded date: 2011

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04.10.2018Series A$5M-iacapgroup...

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