A disposable camera on your phone Digital photos and social sharing was fun when it started, but people are getting more and more tired of the 'perfect photo' sharing. Photos have become a social currency, not fun memories from the good times in your life. And with no limitations on the number of photos, we all have thousands of them. But how many photo albums do you have at your home, to show friends and family? We want you focus more on the fun you're experiencing in the real world, rather than seeking instant gratification in the digital world. We're doing this by limiting your options, and removing the pressure of perfect. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world of photos, making photos fun memories. Authenpic emulates a 24-image disposable camera. Take 24 photos that you can't review after they've been shot. When your "film roll" is full, you 'develop' it, and within a week you'll get 24 printed pictures in your mailbox. The price is $9.50 per roll, including shipping.