Own your own home We import pre-fabricated and modular homes from China this offering a wide range of low cost housing from Emergency housing right through to 300sqm family homes including multi-storey and commercial buildings at 10-20% cheaper than a traditonal build. ABC?s mission is to produce fast, efficient, quality, environmentally friendly buildings through new technology and implementation on an assembly line process providing easy to make choices. End to end, fully integrated process from the idea to the purchase to the mowing of our new clients lawns. Through our system we will simplify the lives of builders and tradies. They will be buying houses and equipment of the shelf. Our main selling point will be offering houses and equipment OF THE SHELF. We will have complete granny flats in stock with a delivery time to site of 4 days. We will keep it simple, east to use, easy to change, easy to buy = Client Satisfaction = Success.
Member count: 1-10