World's Best Live Seafood Equipment Our company manufactures live seafood tanks for world-renowned hotels and restaurants. We also make bulk holding tanks for the fishing industry, with customers including fishermen, wholesalers, exporters, and supermarkets. For the last 32 years, we have developed and perfected over 15 models. Our tanks are specified as the preferred live seafood tanks in projects all over the globe. We are going to begin producing aquaculture tanks that are 80% ready in terms of both technology and research and development (R&D). There is a strong opportunity to multiply our sales in China in a short period. Austmarine technology is a solution to locally-made, high maintenance tanks. There are no real competitors in the market that can replace these tanks with poor quality technology. A study on this is provided in the attached business plan. For aquaculture, unlike open pond (sea) farming, our tanks are an affordable alternative for small businesses worldwide.
Location: Australia, Gold Coast
Phone: +61 7 5529 0088