Austin Phoenix Resources
Making Americas Old Gas Wells Great Again! APR has developed a unique process that can stimulate old poor performing natural gas wells using a novel process injecting mineral oil and fly ash. The process has been pumped with water successfully 12 times to date with no premature terminations (screenouts) and up to 400,000 lb of proppant. APR currently has 42 wellbores available in the Ozona Canyon Sand in Crockett County, Texas to implement the process. The key value multiplier for the process is to obtain reserve booking status for offset wells (PV20 for expected cash flow vs PV10 for producing wells). APR is looking for a partner to buy 20% of the company for $1 million then commit to a 6 well program in the field for an additional $178,000 for a 10% interest in the wells. In addition a $500,000 commitment is requested to cover 10% of a 200 well acquisition. Expected value for the 6 wells is $8.4 million of which the investor would have a 10% share. Payout on the project alone is 12:1 and 5:1 for the total buy in amount.
Member count: 1-10