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AusHealth Global
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Aushealth global is a healthcare company that is committed to bridge the global gap in healthcare delivery through innovation and intelligent business growth driven models by recognizing and meeting unmet market needs and opportunities. Our partners and advisors are international physician leaders, healthcare executives, business executives, industry professionals and policy makers with decades of international experience and diverse backgrounds that are bound by a common vision of re-engineering and transforming healthcare. AusHealthGlobal provides specialised services which are delivered by international experts. The services are 1. Advance Trauma Care (Road to Rehab) 2. Specialized Pre hospital Care 3. Air Retrieval Services 4. Emergency & Acute Care 5. Disaster Management 6. Simulation in Medical Training To get the insights of the above mentioned servcies and to know more about the healthacre solutions, you can click the below mention link
Location: India, Haryana, Gurugram
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +61 415 301 073
Founded date: 2013