Auscare Support provides NDIS participants with Support Coordination, Plan Management, Budget Builder and Support Staff services. We are a registered NDIS provider and are nationally accredited. At Auscare Support, we have an overriding goal that is simple: “To help enable great futures for our clients and their families.” We do this by trying to be the best Support Coordinators, the best, most efficient Plan Managers and Budget Builders, and by sourcing and employing the most awesome Support Staff. The Auscare Support team is proud of our commitment to being the best at what we do. This pride is borne out of the team’s lifelong passion and dedication to helping people, either directly in the disability sector, or as a part of everyday life PLAN MANAGEMENT A Plan Manager will help you organise the financial side of your NDIS plan, much like a bookkeeper. Their role is to ensure that funds are being spent in line with your budget. Plan Management is funded by the NDIS. At your planning meeting, simply tell your NDIS Planner that you would like a Plan Manager to support you. The Plan Manager’s role is to submit claims to the NDIS for supports and services after they have been provided, as well as pay the actual providers of those supports. This is done by claiming money from the right budget categories on the NDIA portal. Our skilled Plan Managers are backed by robust systems and processes. They have extensive experience in accounting and/or bookkeeping and know the NDIS well. We take the time to hand-pick the right people for Plan Manager roles – excellent problem solvers with exceptional financial literacy. The NDIS is complex and requires significant administration. Our sophisticated IT systems redirect precious Plan Manager time to assisting participants, while ensuring compliance. Our team is not focused on KPIs but on quality outcomes. We carefully manage the number of participants each Plan Manager oversees to ensure they have enough time and resources to focus on your needs. We promote community-based teams, which means that you’re introduced to a small network of supports ready to help your primary manager, while you’re backed but a whole organisation with strength and depth. SUPPORT COORDINATION There are three levels of Support Coordination, each designed to meet different levels of need. The level you are funded for will be outlined in your plan. 1) Support Connection 2) Coordination of Supports 3) Specialist Support Coordination You might need short-term assistance with identifying and managing supports, or long-term assistance that includes coordinating providers, signing service agreements and becoming more independent. You may even require specialised management of your needs. Your Auscare Support Coordinator will listen, think creatively and work hard to make things happen to help you navigate the NDIS. This will help you make the most of your funding and live your best life. Your Support Coordinator will help you to find the providers that best fit your needs and offer the right level of support for your requirements today. Over time, they will work towards boosting your skills and confidence. The goal is to facilitate your enjoyment of an ordinary community life while growing your capacity. In putting your plan into action, your Support Coordinator will: Use their training and local knowledge to offer you a broad choice of providers and solutions. Allow you control over the supports you receive, including how and when you receive them. Manage service delivery, including setting up Service Agreements. Work with you to monitor your progress, continuously refining and reviewing. Help prepare you for reviews of your NDIS plan and report to the NDIA.‘Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community. BUDGET BUILDER Budget Builder is unique to Auscare Support. Its fills some of the service gaps you might experience from when you first get your plan to really activating and using it. For example, you might need someone to simply arm you with knowledge about how to navigate the NIDS so that you can quickly move forward independently. This might include an overview of how the system operates, to building up a working knowledge of the MyPlace portal. Or you may need to be introduced to the provider system and shown how to search for supports and set up Service Agreements. Under Budget Builder Plus, the first few provider relationships can even be established and locked in to help build momentum and knowledge before you move forward. Budget Builder is also a great supplement to understanding and maximising the financial side of your plan. Budget Builder analysts access sophisticated budgeting software that helps you really understand the detail of your budget provider by provider, week by week, month by month and year by year. This added insight and control offers you peace-of-mind, knowing that you are making the most of your funding and are in the best position to achieve your goals. SUPPORT STAFF Auscare Support has partnered with Mable so you can access their platform whilst remaining Agency Managed. You Can Rely on the Auscare Support + Mable team to: Offer a range of supports (Give you access to one of Australia’s largest marketplaces of providers.) Provide value for money (Because you build a direct relationship online, fees and charges are lower at Mable) Let you search for specifics (Allow you to search for providers using specific terms, including language, location, interests etc.) Share the love (Build up a small network of support workers so that you’re not too dependent on one or two people.) Receive your calls (Provide you with their mobile number and be available, as agreed.) Help you feel secure (Work with screened, insured and compliant providers. If you are interested in discussing any of our services within our friendly and experienced team, please call us on 1800 940 515. Specialties Strategy Consulting, NDIS Plan Management, Budget Builder, Budget Builder Plus, Auscare Support + Mable, NDIA Registered Provider, disability , NDIS support coordinators, NDIS plan managers, NDIS PARTICIPANTS, NDIS support, NDIS plan, Provision of Support Coordination
Location: Australia, New South Wales, Bowral
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +61 1800 940 515
Founded date: 2015