Eidetic Camera Systems

World's Smallest Cinema Quality 4K+ camera, The Aurora 4K+ Camera The Aurora 4K+ camera is the world's smallest and lightest 12.6 MPIXEL (4096 X 3072) 4K camera that captures equivalent full 35mm framed images. Aurora is unique in the professional cinema and television market as its small footprint is combined with Global Shutter and the ability to accept PL, Panavision and EF lenses in both spherical or anamorphic configurations . Aurora boasts a camera design with a full 35mm sized 4:3 (1.33) sensor that can be easily reconfigured to a 3:4 vertical (for VR/AR) simply by changing the camera mount position. Several nationally shown television programs, commercials and virtual reality presentations have used the prototype units.
Total raised: $250K