Aunt Mimi's Book Club
encouraging literacy through curation I am Aunt Mimi. Family nickname. Aunt Mimi's Book Club (AMBC) offers curated books for children of all ages. The curation revolves around aggregate data on book recipients; Internet research; and Aunt Mimi's experience with children and her advanced studies in school psychology. The concept is that curated reading materials - that is to say, books that are chosen for specific children based on their aptitude and anticipated preference - will be met with greater engagement by children than I targeted selections. AMBC is for everyone. Target audiences are grandparents; aunts and uncles; parents, and other miscellaneous family; friends; educators. AMBC has been in a beta of sorts for two years, with my own nieces and friends' children. I am also launching a non-profit mirror offering: for children in need. Funding for each or one of initiatives is sought.
Member count: 1-10