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Auntie Em's Edibles
Last activity: 23.09.2021
Auntie Em’s Edibles Company’s quest to provide exquisite flavor to those who have certain dietary needs or preferences began when our master baker was diagnosed with many food allergies early in her adult life. She searched high and low to find alternative infused products, but they were hard to find. As a connoisseur of delectables, this discovery left her very disheartened. However, from this dissatisfaction a fire ignited within her to develop new vegan, gluten free and dairy free recipes that did not sacrifice the flavor or potency she had become accustomed to savoring. Years were spent developing master recipes that allowed her to once again indulge in the pleasures of infused gourmet cakes, cookies and other pastries. Once perfection had been achieved, she felt that if she no longer had to sacrifice flavor for her dietary needs and preferences, nobody else should either. With this in mind Auntie Em’s Edibles Company was created to deliver pure deliciousness to those who need or prefer alternative baked pastries but do not want to sacrifice that feeling of sublime joy when they sink their teeth into that first bite of luscious sweetness. We set ourselves apart with our unmatched quality, transcendent flavor and dedication to using only the freshest, organic vegan, gluten free and dairy free ingredients. Each batch of cookies and cupcakes is individually prepared by our master baker to ensure that our standard of excellence is met in every bite. One taste and you will know for yourself why Auntie Em's Edibles Company is the best in infused alternative baked goods.
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Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 424-299-4425

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