Aunt Flo App
Honest, Edgy Period Tracker App The Aunt Flo Period Tracker app focuses on the reality behind a woman's period. No flowers, no butterflies. Periods suck but at least now we can be honest about it. App Features: 1. Log your cycle length and period length, and Aunt Flo Period Tracker will calculate your period, ovulation, and fertility start and finish dates each month for you. 2. Aunt Flo will send you notifications before your period starts, the first day of your period, and when you are ovulating. 3. Our simple calendar allows you to easily see your monthly cycle, so you know when to order french fries and rent a movie. 4. Your partner will receive a notification the week before your period, the first day of your period, and when you are ovulation. Now they can know why you are edgy, when you need chocolate, and when to dim the lights and get busy! 5. Switch to pregnancy mode and Aunt Flo will get back to you in 9 months, after you have had your adorable baby! We are also working on products for Aunt Flo.