Our Now is Next! Entrepreneurship is fueling the new economy! It is no surprise or shock at this point that the way we view business and entrepreneurship has changed. What used to be a very rigid definition and culture where only suits and briefcases earned the mega-millions now includes young billionaires in their thirties who wear t-shirts and jeans. Au'loni Magazine provides a platform for ?the next big thing? in the start-up world. We currently have over 200,000 readers world-wide, however, we are not just a magazine, we have monthly issue parties, networking events, workshops, and provide opportunities for start-up companies to work with each other in growing the missions of each other's businesses. We also provide ad space for developing companies to be seen and writers and freelancers to be spotlighted. Our mission is clearly outlined in our "Letter to the Editor" from our inaugural issue. Please read it here! aulonimagazine.com/spotlight/letter-from-the-editor-ernest-owens