Continuig Medical Education Platform AULAE is an online platform that gives the oportunity to profesional in the health segment to keep updated with their medical education. Most of the continuing education that is given in Latam is not virtual or online, wich makes it very hard for profesional that work in small cities or towns to be updated and provide better medical decisions for their patients and hospitals. We also try to have very practical information that can help them with their normal day to day situations by doing case analysis and case discussions with experts in different medical fields. Our platform gives the posibility to watch video content, download supporting files, ask academic and/or technical questions, rate de content and also to present an evaluation. Hospitals can use it to keepr their staff updated.The platform has a module that provides nourished stadistics to keep track and also to encourage. And very important, it is al in spanish, most of the information that is out there is in english.