Advanced User Interface Labs
AUI Labs is bringing the future of Computer Human Interaction forward. To today We use cutting edge technology to redefine how users interact with computing devices. We take all of the cutting edge technologies you read about - wearbles, augmented and virtual reality technologies, 3D printing, Drones, Heads up displays and Gamification and use them in everyday scenarios to make things work/feel/look/deliver/act...better.We are currently working on various projects with advanced sensors, augmented and virtual reality devices. Continuum Stroke patient rehabilitation application Rehabilitation after stroke is a continuum, starting within days of stroke onset and ending only when it no longer produces any positive effect. More than half the 75% of patients who survive the first month after a stroke will require specialised rehabilitation. We?re building an App that uses a cutting edge muscle electrical pulse sensor and gamification to guide rehabilitation exercises, monitor and provide continuous improvement feedback leading to better patient outcomes.