Economic Risk Intelligence via SuperComputers Augur-Nexus delivers scientific remote imagery to businesses to make or save them millions of dollars. Augur-Nexus meshes scientific remote imagery with economic analysis to provide businesses risk management and sustainable development tools via super computer applications. To purchase remote imagery in today's $20B+ Commercial Satellite imagery market, the buyer must find each imagery provider and clearly define their needs in the provider's language. Augur-Nexus' digital market place for satellite remote imagery ties the providers, analysts, to the customers delivering products driven by the customer's needs and integrates with their enterprise architecture. Augur-Nexus: 1) Builds business intelligence tools to use satellite/UAV imagery 2) Makes those tools readily available to customers 3) Applies tools to the global inventory of commercial/scientific satellite/UAV services with economic data technology. 4) Offers 'an integrated economic intelligence service' to businesses.
Member count: 1-10