Device Recognition Acquired by Bounce Exchange. Previous angel.co profile: The internet cookie has crumbled... Many verticals including marketing agencies, cyber-security, and ad-tech platforms use billions of cookies (and $?s) trying to figure out one thing - who?s viewing their site, ad, or using their app. Unfortunately, cookies lives in 1 browser on 1 device, and 3rd party cookies don't work in mobile ? which is the future. Augur has solved the cookie problem. By installing a single line of javascript code on a website or using our SDK in app, Augur can send an anonymous and unique Device ID and Consumer ID through our API. All without using cookies. The secret sauce behind Augur is CAKE, which allows for accurate recognition of a device and the consumer. CAKE is replacing cookies everywhere.
Location: United States, Boulder
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 6396768
Total raised: $918K

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