We are future worldwide movement AugieGee Productions Enterprises also known as AGAPE is a future performing artist movement and music production company created by August Russell of St. Louis MO. We are seeking to take our movement nationally and eventually internationally. We are a music production company for independent artist to submit their music and be heard. At first we will be known for music but later on we will welcome artists of all kinds including dancers, poets, actors, artists,and many others. We are seeking to debut in 2016. We need investors. We do Rap Jazz, Spoken Word, Inspirational Rapping, Hip Hop, and Instrumental. August Atrillyon will be working on a music video and his first single, entitled, Verse 23 this October. We can reach near 1 million followers in the next several months or years assured. We will create a web application. If you like my idea I can tour the world and do shows, enroll many other artist, create billboards in New York, pay for radio play, and create music videos and more.