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Augwind is a technology Company focused on the development of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and energy storage. The Company’s proprietary AirX technology offers a groundbreaking approach to distributed energy storage and industrial energy efficiency. Augwind is the developer and supplier of: * The AirBattery™ energy storage system. This is a novel combination of pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage, positioned to enable the global shift to renewable energy by providing distributed, sustainable, cost effective long-duration energy storage. The AirBattery supports a wide range of applications, in-front-of and behind-the-meter, starting from commercial and industrial, through transmission and distribution, to grid-scale energy storage. * The AirSmart™ energy efficiency system. Industrial air compression systems are abundantly used and are notorious for energy inefficiency while contributing ~10% of average factory energy consumption. This first of its kind solution normalizes the behavior of compressed air systems enabling reduction by up to 50% of energy consumed by such systems, while dramatically increasing system uptime for mission critical industrial applications. Harnessing the Elements, relying on air, water and earth to solve challenges which have a huge impact on the environment means the world to us. Our solutions are built from the ground up with a view towards sustainability. Headquartered in Yakum, Israel, Augwind is a publicly traded company in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 2019 (TASE: AUGN).
Location: Israel, Center District, Yaqum
Member count: 51-200
Founded date: 2012

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