An audio platform for Smart Headphones. Think Google Glass. For your ears At Audiowings, we're fusing the real world with the digital, to enhance your audio experience on the move. By using known technologies supported by a cloud-based platform, we're taking headphones into the 21st century, by developing a Wearable Audio Computer for our ears. The platform manages content from a 3rd parties like Spotify, distributing it directly to the audio computer. Similar to Sonos, but straight to your ears, with nothing in the way. Whilst the Audio computer, containing both wireless interfaces and microelectronic sensors, communicates directly with the platform to use 3D sound techniques to immerse you in your own private concert. As it's a computer, there are many other unique features prototyped. Targetted noise cancellation, audio-enabled augmented reality and a biometirc-enabled feedback system being just the tip of the iceberg. We're truly revolutionising the headphone, making them smart.
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