It all started with a cruise and a series o what- ifs: - What if, when appearing as a stranger, I wouldn’t have to look for a tourist information office? - What if, having found it, I wouldn’t have to wait till it opens? - What if, instead of renting headphones, I could use my own smartphone? - What if I didn’t have to chose between eating a decent meal and paying roaming fee abroad? - What if I didn’t have to hear: “I’ll show you, my friend, only today- special price for you” and feel that something went terribly wrong from the time every guest could count on unconditioned human kindness any more? And that is how AudioTrip application was invented. We invite you to use it. For free. Enjoy the trips that are already there, share your own sightseeing ideas with people like you and keep your fingers crossed for us as we are still developing our brainchild. Thank you! Łukasz, Maciek, Magda, Michał, Olek & Sebastian
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2012

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