Audiofy News Reader
Audible for everything else Business Summary: Audiofy mobile app enables users to listen to online articles quickly and conveniently using market leading text to voice software. For the use of our highest quality voices we offer a premium subscription, paid monthly. Customer Problem: Auditory learners like ourselves (10%-30% of population) prefer listening to reading as a main way of learning. Currently available news apps (e.g. Flipboard, Pocket, Apple News etc.) are focusing on reading experience. Solution: A mobile application that turns any article into high quality speech. Audiofy integrates with all major browsers and news reading apps so that users can add and listen to articles in just 5 seconds. Users can save articles to listen to offline, and have access to 16 high quality voices in 5 languages. Customers: Auditory learners, users of audiobooks and podcasts, read it later tools and mobile news apps. Addressable Market: 156m people = 10% of the 1.56bn users of mobile newsreaders