Audio Fusion Systems
Real-time Audio over Wi-Fi In studio or on stage, every musician has to hear themselves during their performance. The functionality of hearing a mix of the instruments and vocals in the performance is referred to in the music industry as Monitoring. Any monitoring system has to provide a way for the musician to hear themselves in relation to those with whom they are performing in a way that is completely different from the mix of sound heard by the audience. Audio Fusion?s Macbook app transmits over Wi-Fi the musician's digital instrument signals to the artist?s smart phone or tablet. The artist uses the Audio Fusion app to customize their own personal monitor mix. In addition, the Audio Fusion app allows simultaneous control of each mix. The technology produces a natural sound in real time without any wires or running any cables. Our software based system eliminates thousands of dollars of proprietary hardware putting In-Ear-Monitoring capability within reach of any musician, band or venue.