Only FDA-Cleared Tinnitus Treatment Authorized Over-the-Counter Welcome to Audio Bionics, manufacturers of the most affordable FDA-cleared tinnitus suppression therapy in the medical industry. Tinnitus, or chronic noises-in-the-ears, affects 1/2 billion people worldwide. Our system, called ?Tinnitus-Minus?, is the ONLY FDA-Cleared tinnitus product authorized for OTC sales through the drugstore industry, other major outlets & direct marketing to the public. Therefore our system retails for 1/10th the price of any other FDA-cleared tinnitus therapy. Yet it has been shown in a clinical study by the V.A. to be twice as effective as any other tinnitus therapy sound in the study. 'Tinnitus-Minus' consists of special sound waveforms produced by an ultra-high accuracy speaker, which enables tinnitus sufferers to regain their normal lives. For above reasons we are positioned to dominate an est. $1.4B global Tinnitus market. (Please note NO other tinnitus products sold & available online are FDA-Cleared, legal or accepted by the medical community).
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