Audios is the creator of the world's first completely cableless loudspeaker system Audios, was created in order to overcome the inadequacies of current cabled loudspeaker systems, and to capture significant market share of the $8 billion dollar hackneyed professional audio industry. Our innovative solution beats current competitors by providing the world's first completely cableless loudspeaker system, saving users valuable setup time, startup costs and long term recurring costs. By eliminating cables, our wireless speakers will completely transform and revolutionize how concerts, parties and events are setup and managed. Audios was founded by a veteran team of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in building hardware (HP) and software (Facebook). Our advisors include Charles Huang, the creator of the $1.5 billion dollar revenue-generating video game Guitar Hero, Ashley Fieglein Johnson, CFO/COO of Wealthfront, and Jonathan Speed CFO of Versal Group.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $202K