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AudibleRx provides useful and accessible, Consumer Medication Information (CMI), in audible format, as an alternative or supplement to the printed material currently provided by pharmacies and hospitals. As health-care providers we want our patients to be engaged in their treatment. We know that patients who participate in their own treatment plan have more favorable outcomes. Healthcare providers have stepped up in order to address the educational needs of their patients. Doctors in their office counsel patients about medications. Nurses engage patients at the hospital and nursing home to help them understand their entire treatment plan. Pharmacists connect with patients at the pharmacy counter, their bedside and other ways in order to address the patients medication management program. Then, we send patients home with this ridiculous stack of papers, which does nothing more than meet regulatory requirements for the facility providing the service. The intent of providing CMI to patients is to supplement the counseling they received from their caregiver. Unfortunately, current CMI practice does little more than meet the minimum regulatory requirement of distribution. CMI that is accessible and useful as described by the FDA guidance document. Increased patient satisfaction scores and decreased medication related adverse events means fewer readmission's. CMI tailored to the learning needs of your patients. Patients are given the opportunity to listen and read their CMI prior to discharge, ask questions, and then have access to the same information on their own internet connected device at home. CMI accessible through your patient portal or a search engine platform white labeled for your institution. Thank You
Founded date: 2011