Mobile CRM Customer Service over Social Channels Audetemi aims to transform CRM customer service by bringing customer service to the customers where they are - on their smartphones, and thus making service relevant for generation-mobile. Audetemi brands a mobile application, SnapHelp, for consumers to capture and report incidents using every tool in their smart phone - text/chat, video, photo, social, and voice. Consumers connect with the customer service agent on their terms - via their ubiquitous smart phone. The customer service agent has a module that is enterprise-wide, connectable to a knowledge-base and CRM. Mobile app is free for consumers, whereas the SaaS portal is a subscription based service to the enterprise. SnapHelp has features that allow the customer service agent to triage complaints based on consumers' social influence, better protecting their company's brand. Additionally, natural language processing scans social media for problems. The product is white-labeled for enterprises so customers see their brand.