PERMACULTURE BIO NATURAL NO FERTILIZERS Saponino is a laundry bio manufactured on the Atlas hills south of Marrakech in a small Berber village. The idea of this adventure came to me following the discovery on our incredible amounts of land spontaneous saponaires of roots, saponaria officinalis, which was used as a natural laundry by our grandmothers ... After a few months of harvest and the survey of village elders I decided to create this Saponino mark (reference to cockle and also my Berber origins Sabonino my soap = ((-;) It is a 100% natural detergent to which I added the essential oil of lavender also cultivated here ... We hope to make a reference to Saponino Morocco as 1 laundry era bio eco responsible exclusively made in Morocco and focused on the future and the protection of the environment.
Member count: 1-10