eBay for Local Services AtYourService is a Better Marketplace for Local Services. Anything from Photographers, Handymen or even Tutors and Lawyers Simply Describe the job you need help with and Receive Offers from Thousands of Professionals. AtYourService was launched in November 2012 in Cyprus - our Proof of Concept Market with Remarkable Initial Traction: - Over 3300 Jobs have been Posted - Of a total value of over $1,650,000 - 7200 Professionals have signed up "AtYourService for Companies" a complementary Marketplace for Business Procurement and Purchasing was also launched recently with Great Success. Local Services are an enormous Market, The TAM just in Europe is over ?85B and our vision is simple - to create the "eBay for Local Services" We have a very strong team, a great Product developed based on the Feedback of the Market, a unique Business Model that has been validated, and we are at the right place, at the right time to build one of the largest Marketplaces of the future.
Total raised: $288K