Rental Racing Go-kart Speed club The thrill a driver gets going 65+ mph in a racing go kart is like no other. It clears the mind and make one focus only of the fun that they are having in the moment. This is one aspect of a speed club rental cart business, but I am creating for a place for people of all ages to hangout to enjoy vital family and friend time to be able to take a break from the troubles of life. I am constructing a go kart racing complex in Round Rock, Tx; thirty minutes outside of Austin is ideal for my business, because less traffic, so people will always have a easy quick way to get to the track. It will be off I-35, most traveled in Texas. The current model is set to entertain up to 1800 people in a day. That up to 30 people racing every ten minutes and up to 70 races a day. Just think at full function, in a couple of years, of every ten minutes the company can make up to $600 PROFIT, $750 retail sales, in just 10 minutes! atxthrills.wheels@gmail.com for questions.
Member count: 11-50