Professional Services & Training Marketplace over Live & Interactive Video AttendByVideo is a marketplace of professional service providers and trainers, including people with knowledge in any area of life who aspire to be the service providers & trainers. Ordinary people can easily find & engage with these experts and acquire knowledge they need commercially over live & interactive video with no hassles and low costs. AttendByVideo has all required capabilities built in (e.g. marketing, appointment book, payment collection, audio, video, file sharing, whiteboard, messaging etc.) for service providers to conduct their own knowledge business without any investments or hassles. Goal of AttendByVideo is to enable everyone with expertise in any field to offer their services, find customers, conduct sessions, & create income for themselves. On the other hand, make it hassle free for masses to find & engage with experts with confidence in a most cost effective way. Thereby, creating a massive knowledge movement across globe.
Member count: 1-10