ATS ALBANIA Telemedicine Service
e-health-care where's lack of specialist doctors e-Health care services Making available the achievements of telemedicine service. For more personalized healthcare, compensating the lack of specialist doctors. Everybody needs a qualitative health service and a specialized and human treatment of the disease Telemedicine application in ATS is based on: Headquarters and the center in Tirana MED-CLINIC centers available at the patients location. Real time information transfer. Video conference in real time between the patient the specialized doctors and the operators in centers. Registration and saving of the information in the patient?s electronic ID. ATS comes with the services as follow A Cardiac visit ECG Blood pressure Blood sugar levels SPO2 Weight, temp. BMI Spirometer Consulting the Cardiologist. B Imagery interpretations C Patient?s electronic ID which assures: Data authenticity Security Access on web for the authorized users Psychiatry Visit Psychology Visit