Ecosystem of services for SMEs Never before have there been so many cutting-edge technologies than today. Finance, IT, Telecom industries are competing and experiencing a fundamental shift, which is changing them drastically. Financial institutions need to rethink their business model and innovate in order to be able to grasp at new opportunities arising from this shift. The change in the rules of the game brings new possibilities. Our platform enables to transform old-fashioned traditional SME banking into the Bank 3.0 era. Momentum is an e-banking value added service which provides SMEs with financial management and planning tools. For the Bank, it is a platform aiming to build an ecosystem of financial and non-financial services. Momentum creates new revenue streams for the Bank, driven by the interaction between SMEs and Bank Partners. The platform is smoothly integrated with bank account. Therefore, Momentum helps to thoroughly analyze specifics of each SME Client by the Bank and its Partners.
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