Alliance Food Trading
The taste of our land, culture and passion Cascara Tea, is a tea made from the pulp of coffee cherries. Our Cascara is naturally processed, sun dried and aged for six months, then carefully hand-selected using only the highest quality and most environmentally friendly control standards. The result is a unique cup loaded with sweet berries, pleasingly tart boysenberry and a rounded, impeccably clean finish. It is rich with natural sugars, oils, vitamins and antioxidants. Coffee cherry flour, is one of the most uniquely dynamic and flavor-rich alternative (gluten free) flours available in the market. This revolutionary nutrient-packed ingredient is made out of dried and ground coffee cherries, and it can be easily used to make bread, cookies, souces, pastas and so much more. Both are organic products that used to be a byproduct or waste during the wet milling of the coffee. Both have a large potential for economic and social impact on marginalized small farmers and their communities in Nicaragua and Central America.
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