A new way to be social. Crowdsourcing experiences in realtime Atricate brings a new location based facet to Social Media by letting users know about their surroundings. Interact with the posts describing nearby happenings, visit and take part in them or make others aware if you are enjoying at some place. Logging in is easy, as you do not need any new account, you can use already existing accounts like Facebook. Atricate shows you a list of posts that describe activities nearby. While scrolling through these posts, if you find something intriguing, join in! If you like a food spot, or a cool bar, a lively concert, a relieving Yoga session or just a stroll in a park, share your experiences by creating a post at that spot. Seek out experiences at particular times and share your experiences, create a community for a particular place at a particular time. There are apps for lasting posts, photos, videos, opinions but Atricate tries to tackle the need of seeking out and partaking in location based experiences.