Digital Health and Wellness AT PEAK is a digital health and fitness business. Our mission is to bring the best of sports medicine and athletic training to every field and every home in the country. We work with the best sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers--the same people who keep pro athletes at peak performance--in the country to deliver age, gender and sport-specific training. We launch with a mobile app for injury prevention in youth sports, will extend to adults. AT PEAK will better train athletes, avoid injury--keep you on the field, driving your best performance, decreasing injury. The CDC says that 50% of sports injuries are preventable; AT PEAK will help people avoid expensive medical bills, disrupt $ billions from the healthcare system. Social networks, leaderboards, challenges, real / virtual rewards, interactions with pro athletes will drive engagement. B2B selling drives low CAC; executive-level partnership discussions with US Soccer Federation and USA Football advancing
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $500K