Atomionics is building atomic sensors for navigation and resource exploration. Sensing technology is severely inadequate for a lot of applications navigation and positioning, pinpointing oil and gas reserves, tunnel detection etc. Atomionics builds atomic sensors harnessing quantum mechanical properties of the atoms. This enables measurement of parameters like gravity, acceleration and rotation with 1000x higher precision and accuracy than the current state of the art, leading to a completely new way of global positioning, and resource exploration. Ravi Kumar has a PhD in Physics and an MSc in Photoinics. He has a decade of research experience including his PhD and post-doctoral research on cold atoms which is the bedrock of Atomionics’ technology. Sahil Tapiawala has a M.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics engineering. He has worked extensively on integrated electronics systems. He was previously a Robotics Research Engineer where he built a multi-material 3D printer and miniaturized robotic stingray.
Location: Singapore, Singapore