Smart plant monitoring device connected to a plant knowledge base Have you ever killed a pot plant? I have. Outdoor veggies too. This problem stems from: - Limited access to plant knowledge specific to your particular environment - Forgetting to check on plants - Not being able to tell if they have too little/much water/light/humidity etc Gnomee is a small device that will sit in a pot plant and wirelessly report data about the soil and air around the plant. Device features: - Sensors: soil moisture, air humidity, air temperature, motion, light, sound sensor - Fun interchangeable cases; garden gnome, ninja, etc Software/app: - Access plant knowledge base that will generate notifications based on the sensor readings - Users contribute to knowledge base in order to refine ideal plant conditions. Also important for retaining agricultural knowledge for growing food - Users share info on what veggies/plants they are growing and have a swap/sell marketplace - Gamification: unlock and share achievements and collect points for having healthy plants