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Next Generation Body Motion Gaming Atomic Bands are smart bluetooth gaming devices, turbo charged motion sensor gaming bands. These devices are a pair of wearables, worn on the wrists or ankles, that aim to accurately approximate full skeletal body tracking. They have haptic feedback, OLED displays and LED lighting to give a variety of feedback points as part of dance, martial arts and fitness focused gameplay. Atomic Bands won four Best of CES 2017 mentions (CNET, BBC Science, etc.) 2one5 says they are"the perfect product for the fitness junkie, the gamer, and everyone in between". Funky Bots Atomic Bands are super-hero inspired and here to make all of your dreams a reality, seriously. The Atomic Bands are a new device for body motion gaming and are the first of their kind offering single and multiplayer options. You can learn those sick dance moves that have always been on your bucket list or create things in an AR 3D world with the simplest gestures with advanced real-time motion tracking and pattern recognition.